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Support Our Schools: Those Who Earn the Most, Pay the Most


We want to draw your attention to this excellent commentary in yesterday's Oregonian/OregonLive about school funding, "Teachers are doing their part for students. How about the Legislature?" by Chris Buehler, Rachel Hanes, Matt Reed, Alisha Chavez, Jaydra Johnson, Hyung Nam, Alex Stegner, Stephen Weller (PPS teachers), Jeffrey Fuller, Evan Selby, Stephen Siegel (Reynolds teachers), and Jody Folkedahl (Parkrose).

The authors write: "We believe the way out of our education crisis requires that we choose equity and justice for students over the narrow interests of corporations and the ultra-wealthy. It requires that we ask those who earn the most to pay the most. That means raising corporate income and minimum tax rates for the wealthiest businesses and individuals and prioritizing and reinvesting in historically marginalized communities by eliminating the costly tax breaks and loopholes that rob our families of resources"

Read the whole piece here:

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