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You're Invited to the OWP Summer Institute


Dear Portland Area Rethinking Schools Colleagues,

Please consider joining Rethinking Schools editor, Linda Christensen, in the Oregon Writing Project’s Invitational Summer Institute from June 24-July 19th. During this four-week course, teachers are immersed in a supportive environment where they write and revise across the genres—poetry, narratives, historical fiction, and essays. Teachers read pieces of historically rich literature and history. Participants also develop, present, and critique strategic model teaching demonstrations.

As one participant noted, “The Oregon Writing Project reminded me of why I decided to teach in the first place, a sense of purpose that has been lost among test scores and data this past year. It reminded me of getting kids excited about real world issues/social justice and their writing. I also collected a ton of strategies, texts, and activities that I can use in units I already do.”

Don't miss this rare opportunity to work with one of the most inspirational and influential educators in the country. 

For more information contact Linda Christensen at lmc@lclark.edu or go to the Oregon Writing Project website: https://graduate.lclark.edu/live/events/296317-1

And don't miss Linda's newest Rethinking Schools book, the third edition of The New Teacher Book, co-edited with Stan Karp, Bob Peterson, and Moé Yonamine.

Portland Area Rethinking Schools has a 30+ year history of working to support public education and progressive reform in the schools. We are teachers, parents, students, community activists and teacher educators who believe excellent and equitable public schools are essential for all students to reach their potential and for the creation of a just and democratic society.